30 Summer Abs Workouts You Can Try


Summertime is the best time to shed those pounds and get in shape. There are many ways you can get a summer abs workout. It doesn’t matter how busy your schedule is or how much free time you have. 

You can either do a short routine or go with an intense hour-long workout that will burn calories, tighten your muscles and help tone and sculpt your abs by increasing circulation and sweating out toxins all day long.

Here are 30 summer workouts:

# 1. Water Skiing Workout

Water Skiing is one of the best summer workouts out there. This sport burns a ton of calories in just 30 minutes. To have abs that pop and to get a great cardio workout, you can try water skiing for 15-20 minutes on average 6 days a week. The high-energy aerobic activity will build endurance, increase lean body mass and tone your abdominal muscles.

Other than the physical benefits of this workout, other great things about water skiing is that it’s outdoors, you’re in a natural environment (the water) with fresh air. Also there are no machines or weights to lift so there’s no need for additional dumbbells or barbells. You can get a complete upper body workout from one activity. This is also an injury-free sport and you don’t need any equipment to participate in this sport!

#2. Hiking For Abs Workout

You don’t have to go on a hike with other people either, just grab your dog and go on a hike and you’ll burn calories! You can choose to go to the park or stay in your own neighborhood. Either way, walking up hills burns more than 3 times more calories than walking on flat land. 

Walking uphill is great for burning fat and toning those abs as well. If you’re not into hiking you can always run up hills (if you have them in your neighborhood).

#3. Water Running Workout

If you’re not a fan of swimming, kayaking or water skiing then you can try a new type of workout in the water: Water Running! This is basically running on top of the water. Having less drag allows for more endurance and speed. It’s a great way to workout and grow lean muscle.

#4. Beach Body Workout With Sandbags

If you’re at the beach during the summer, consider this abs workout: fill a bag with sand and do different exercises with it! You can lift it over your head or use it for pushups, crunches, planks… There’s a lot you can do with it!

#5. Chopping Wood For Summer Abs Workout

If you’re at the beach or near any wooded area, chop some wood to get your abs in shape for summer! At first it may be hard but if you keep doing it every day you’ll get better and build up muscle and endurance. Remember, the more energy it takes you to perform an activity the more calories you burn!

The key to a great summer abs workout is variety. Mix up your activities so that your body doesn’t get used to doing the same thing every day. If you want great results from this workout then vary your routine and don’t do the same thing every day. You might see results faster when you mix it up and try something new!

#6. Sandbag Workout

Sandbags are great for building muscular strength as well as muscle endurance. They can also be used with body weight training exercises to add extra resistance that helps develop strength.  Sandbags are a versatile tool that you can’t go wrong with.

#7. Burpees Workout For Summer Abs

Burpees are one of the best calorie-burning exercises out there. They work your entire body and help build muscle mass as well as increase stamina. This workout will definitely get your heart rate up! You don’t have to do 20-30 burpees in one set. Do them in sets of 10 or 15 if you need to. Make sure to start out at a low number and work your way up!

#8. Jumping Rope Workout For Summer Abs

I used to hate jumping rope as a kid but I have since learned how great it is as an abs workout. Jumping rope for about 10-15 minutes a day is one of the best ways to burn calories and sweat you’re ever going to do without equipment at home!

#9. Pullups Workout For Summer Abs

Pull Ups are one of the best exercises out there for building your shoulders and back muscles. Also, they’re great for building your biceps as well. You can do them almost anywhere with no equipment!

#10. Plank Workout For Summer Abs

Planking is an exercise that anyone can perform lying on the floor or on a bench without any equipment needed.  When you find time to workout try doing some planks, you don’t have to do them for a long time. You can start with as little as 15-20 seconds and work your way up to one minute. Planking is a great ab exercise because you’re holding your body in an upright position the entire time which makes it hard for your body to move when it comes to balancing yourself!

#11. Squats Workout For Summer Abs

One of the most effective workouts for getting summer abs is squats! Here are some variations to try: Holding a barbell, dumbbells or a sandbag Scoops (kind of like regular squats but with your feet turned out) High box squat (when you go down into the squat your thighs should be higher than your knees) Elevated Platform Squats Vertical Bench (Have a bench that’s about 8-12 inches high in front of you. Do the same as above but with a vertical bench!

#12.   Deadlifts Summer Abs Workout

Deadlifts are one of the best exercises for core strength and work out every muscle in your body.  They’re a very effective workout for getting summer abs because you can build up every single muscle in your body using them!

#13. Step-ups For Abs Workout

Step-ups are another great exercise for strengthening your core and working out almost all of the muscles in your body to some degree or another. Step Ups are a great exercise and one of the best summer workouts for getting leaner and having that hot body you desire!

#14. Splits Abs Workout

This workout is great for working out your toning muscles including your inner thighs, buttocks, lower back and abs! You can use weights or even just do it without any equipment .

#15. Side Plank Workout For Summer Abs

Side planking is an exercise that anyone can perform lying on the floor or on a bench on one side without any equipment needed.  When you find time to workout try doing some planks, you don’t have to do them for a long time. You can start with as little as 15-20 seconds and work your way up to one minute. Side Planking is a great ab exercise because you’re holding your body in an upright position on one side the entire time which makes it hard for your body to move when it comes to balancing yourself!

#16. Jumping Lunges For Abs Workout

Jumping lunges are easy to do anywhere at anytime! You can use weights and jump up, holding the weight in your hands or you can just do them without. Make sure to keep form and remember that your knees should not be locked while performing this exercise!

#17. Jumping Jacks Abs Workout

Jumping jacks is a great calorie-burning exercise especially because it’s so fun to do and keeps you moving around! Hoping jacks are good for your legs, arms and core.

#18. Jogging In Place Abs Workout

Jogging in place is a great way to get a workout no matter where you are! While watching TV, try doing some small jogs or stretches here and there. It’s low impact but burns lots of calories!

#19. Stair Sprints For Summer Abs

This exercise is awesome for working your core and legs. You don’t need any equipment to perform this exercise, simply find a set of stairs that you can sprint up without falling down!

#20. Incline Push-ups For Summer Abs

Incline push-ups are great for working the upper portion of your abs as well as pushing up into your obliques! Try adding a small incline to the bench or floor that you’re on and perform some push-ups. You can also try doing them on an elevated surface (like these).

#21. Oblique Push-ups For Summer Abs

This is another variation of push-ups that work out your waist and obliques.  It targets the upper section of your core which is where most people want to work on!

#22. Ab Strap Workout For Summer Abs

The ab strap is a great way to work out your abs at home or anywhere you can hang this thing up! It’s also really light and easy to store in a small space.

#23. Bodyweight Workout For Summer Abs

Bodyweight exercises are the best exercise for summer workouts because you don’t need any equipment and they’re easy to do anywhere!  You can build muscle, burn extra calories or just tone up your body by doing lots of different variations on this simple workout routine . Try doing some crunches, push-ups and lunges. Burpees, squats and jumping rope are also great to include in your summer workout routine!

#24. Medicine Ball Workout For Summer Abs

Medicine balls aren’t commonly used in workouts but they’re very useful as a way to work almost every muscle in your body and target specific areas of your body.  Performing these exercises with a medicine ball can help you to get a toned, lean summer body!

#25. Medicine Ball Wall Throws

These wall throws are great because there’s no need for any equipment on the ground and it targets your whole core including your lower back muscles! Perform some regular wall throws and then switch it up by throwing the ball above your head, off to the side or even behind you!

#26. Medicine Ball Slams

Slamming a medicine ball to the ground is great for building explosive power in your core when you’re doing everyday things like picking up that heavy grocery bag from the bottom of the stairs.

#27. Medicine Ball Passes

Passing a medicine ball between each other is also great for building core muscles. It’s like playing basketball but way more intense because you’re not being very active while passing the ball around! You can do regular passes or alternating passes to challenge your core further with every throw and catch.  This is great for warming up for some intense plyometric exercises!

#28. Medicine Ball Burpees (or squat and pass)

This is a simple exercise that you can perform with a medicine ball to work your entire body! You can actually do this with any weight – from soup cans to 5 lb weights – but I’m sure the heavier the weight, the more intense this exercise will be!  

#29. Medicine Ball Push-ups

Medicine ball push-ups are a great way to work your chest and arms while also targeting the lower part of your abs! It’s a multi-functional workout that will get you sweating in no time!

#30. Medicine Ball Swings

These are another great way to work your entire body with a medicine ball! It’s like doing lunges but more intense because you’re swinging the weight around – not just pushing it forward or back in comparison to a lunge.  Along with working your core, this exercise also targets your chest and arms as well!

You need to do abs workouts because it strengthens your core and prevents back pain. Without a strong core, you won’t be able to perform well in all sports. Having a strong core will also boost your sex life too.

Let’s start this summer abs workout! This workout should be done three times per week, or every other day. If you start to feel sore, make sure to rest for a few days before continuing the workouts again.

Enjoy your upcoming workouts!

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